The Kindle that cannot kindle enough!!

To lay back on a mountain of cushions, with a bowl of crunchies in one hand and an engrossing book in another. To breathe in the aroma of the freshly printed text and to feel the crisp pages crackle between your fingers, as you flip the pages brimming with curiosity, your eyes rapidly moving along the lines, eager to know what happens next. The sensuous feeling you experience when you read a book is completely lost when you have a techy screen in its place; just one tablet holding all the books in your library. People, who travel often, find this mode of reading easier and lighter. True. But it can never replace the book. Ever.

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of the dog, it is too dark to read”, said Groucho Marx. I have always believed, that books, like snitches, remember the first person who touches and reads them. This is why, I have always insisted on buying my own books, and also being the first one to read them. This is why, I hate parting with my books, even for a short while; because they are mine, and mine alone. A part of me is enclosed within the book when I finish reading it, and only when ‘I’ open it again, years or months later, will the memories of the tears shed, and the laughs shared in the course of reading that book flood back to me. This magical feeling is lost once an outsider handles the book.

These beliefs of mine might sound absurd to you. But this is what I believe in, and strongly stand by. People think I am rude when I refuse to give them some book of mine. People think I am rude when I say that I don’t like parting with my books. But I always make my stand very clear. I will just not part with any of my books, like it or not. And face it, the Kindle can never kindle these feelings in you!!


4 thoughts on “The Kindle that cannot kindle enough!!

  1. There are very few people in my life who are allowed to borrow books from my shelves too – my books are just such personal objects! So I completely understand what you mean! 🙂

  2. I feel the same way about books. Love to own them, hold them, smell them…no matter how creepy that sounds lol. Kindle is great for reading free books, advanced copies, proofing, saving some money, and getting those books you just can’t wait for. But hard copy books will always be top on my shelf.

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