Happy Friendship Day!!

A small room the size of a broom closet, with a single bed, a single table and a single chair. This is what I wanted my room to be like in college. This is how I wanted to live; just me, my books and my music. But then, the university brochure clearly mentioned that single rooms would not be made available for the freshers. And so, I somehow squeezed in another bed, another chair and another table into a slightly bigger room in my thoughts.

I received the shock of my life when at the time of counselling, I was told that only four and six bedded rooms were available for the girls. Being a single child and not having had to share anything, I couldn’t imagine myself sharing a room with another girl, let alone THREE other girls! But did I have a choice? With all the strength I could muster, I pacified myself with the fact that it would be just a year.

I met my roomies on my first day of the semester, each of us scrutinizing the others carefully as we had to include the rest into our private folds. It was definitely difficult in the beginning. Very difficult if you are an introvert like I am. But things gradually moved on. From being just acquaintances, to becoming friends, and finally becoming roomies in the true sense. Sharing the deepest and the darkest secrets in the death of the night. Crying and laughing together at one’s misfortunes and fortunes. Teasing and comforting each other. Giving each other strength and support. Bursting into the room, impatient to share the juicy happenings of the day. And most importantly, pooling in all the treats brought all the way from home and having midnight feasts…

But this did not happen overnight. It took a lot of fights and misunderstandings and patch-ups to get here. And I couldn’t believe my tongue, which said yes, when we decided to stick together this year too!!

Happy friendship day!! And thanks for having my back guys, always!!

18 thoughts on “Happy Friendship Day!!

  1. I can so relate to this! I’m not an only child, but am 6 years younger than my sister. So when I went to boarding school I was used to having the room to myself, and horrified at the thought of sharing with some stranger. Unlike you, though, luck ended up granting me my own room! In hindsight, it probably would have done me some good to learn to share my space with others 🙂 Hope you are having a blast this year.

  2. very sincere post, loved it.. could relate to u more since i too a, a single child, who is so used to keeping the whole world at a safe distance,, nice to meet u here.



  3. That just bought tears to my eyes. I, too, was an introvert and it took many years before I became outgoing – but still a loner. It wasn’t until my sixth decade of life that I found out, through being asked to join a woman’s group, how wonderful sisterhood is. It still touches my heart, even now in my seventh decade of life, to know, like you know, that my friends “have my back” through thick and thin. I look forward to reading more of your blog! 🙂

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