One more!!

The blogging community that I have become a part of, quite recently, has welcomed me with open arms, and has given me a lot of warmth and kindness. I have made a horde of new friends, and have learnt a little from every single blog that I have visited. The blogging world has now become the door to my escape from reality, when situations become too overpowering.

I was delighted when I saw that I had been nominated for yet another award, The Beautiful Blogger Award, by Kat.B, a very dynamic person whose love for life is very infectious. Her emphasis on the fact that life should be chewed and cherished, and not swallowed in one go, is something that everyone must learn to do in life.


Here are the rules for the award:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. 
  2. Attach the award to your site. 
  3. Share 7 random facts about you. 
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Seven random facts about me are:

1. I always come up with the idea for my next post when having a long, hot bath.

2. I love the aroma of freshly printed books and the feel of their crisp pages.

3. My dream is to one day own a HUGE library, which will have all the books that were ever written, and a hammock in the middle, where I can read in peace all day long.

4. I hate watching movies based on books that I have read, because they hamper the images that I had framed in my mind while  reading the book, and hence leaving my brain clustered with mixed images.

5. Saying that sports and I are like chalk and cheese, would be an understatement!! 😉

6. I have a soft toy (a rabbit) named Pinky, who has been with me right from the day I was born. I cannot sleep without her by my side, and she has been with me on all the trips that I have made so far.

7. I have always wanted to learn horse riding, and I hope that this wish of mine is fulfilled in the near future!!

The bloggers that I nominate are:

1. The Poet Warrior: A very inspiring and a thought provocative blog.

2. Sharechair: A place where you will find an answer for any query that you  have about technology, especially about Kindle and all the Apple products.

3. Chasing Art: A very pictorial travelogue, by a very lovely and innovative artist.

4. Campfire Shadows: Stories on ranches, weaved with wonderful descriptions and emotions.

5. Fictional Machines: Amazingly written and illustrated series of a plot, filled with suspense, and also other gripping short stories.


Thank you once again, Kat, for nominating me for this award. The blogging community has indeed been very kind to me!!

17 thoughts on “One more!!

  1. Sumithra — thank you for the kind words about my blog. They warmed my heart! And your description as to why movies based on books can just ruin the images we have formed from reading was perfect. ~ Kat

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