Off Again!!

The previous month dragged on with exams written all over it. I have been as busy as a bee with my books and presentations and projects, pushed away from the blogging network and I apologize for all the late responses. And now, stretching in front of me, is one whole month of bliss… One month filled with books and cushions and beds and… Beaches!! Yes, I am off to the Andaman islands today!!


An archipelago, situated in the Bay of Bengal, a few hundred kilometers off the shores of the main body of India, Andaman and Nicobar islands is one of the seven union territories of India. Known for its serene beaches and water sports, this holiday is truly going to be a holiday, for a change. No getting up when the world is still dark outside, no shivering in the open jeeps on the lookout for mammals and birds… It is just going to be a relaxing holiday, reading books on hammocks on the sea shore, snorkeling, and getting burnt by the sun.

Well, having never really been on a holiday such as this before, I sure am going to miss all the adrenalin pumping excitement that only the forests can incite in me. The fresh air filled heavily with untouched undergrowths and the variety of sounds that hit your eardrum. Though the Andaman islands are known for their flora and fauna too, I am sure it will not be the same. But I am going with an open mind, armed with “Gone With The Wind” by Margaret Mitchell, and “My Family and Other Animals” by Gerald Durrell, to keep me company if the day becomes dull, with no promising action.


But, in spite of all my trepidation, this is going to be my first real visit to the sea-side, and I am really excited about this get away… Will be back soon with a whole set of posts about my first ever trip of this kind…

27 thoughts on “Off Again!!

  1. Andamans is a lovely place to visit. A must-visit beach is Radha Nagar Beach, where the water is crystal clear and the beach is lovely with white sand.! Have a great time..!! Ensoy..

  2. Dear Sumi,

    Have a great trip and do enjoy yourself thoroughly!!

    Look forward to your posts on ‘your first ever trip of this kind’

    Take care,


  3. How exciting Sumithra ! I know how you feel re: having expectations that might not be met 🙂 hehehe But I am sure the unknown experiences will more than make up for them! 🙂 Have fun!!! 🙂

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