My Faithful Companion

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horses, mice and even tarantulas are the beings that flash across your mind when you hear the words ‘faithful companions’. But my faithful companion is someone who has been with me ever since the day I was born, and will be by my side till the day I leave this world for good. Soft and white, with a faint smile always playing on her lips, a pink button nose, and black enchanting eyes that catch everyone who looks into them unawares, and puts them under her spell. Meet Pinky, my bunny soft toy- my companion for life.

My Pinky!!

My Pinky!!

She was a gift from my mom’s friend- a gift she gave to the newly born me, little knowing that she was actually giving me something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Though she was snowy white when I first got her (she is now a little grey with age), the name ‘Pinky’ stuck to her right from the very beginning. I could never go to sleep without her by my side, and neither can I now. She always tops my “things to take” and has a permanent corner in my backpack while travelling. Kabini, Ranathambore, Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Gir, Bandipura, Kaziranga, Corbett, Sikkim, Ladakh, and most recently, andamans- she has seen them all!!

Having decided to stay in a hostel during my under graduation, I was extremely nervous to bring Pinky out in the open, as I feared that the girls whom I was to share a room with would not understand the relationship I had with this ball of wool with eyes and ears. But my fear was in vain. One of the girls brought her white teddy, ‘Whitey’ with her, and soon another roomie of mine got herself a brown teddy, ‘Brownie’!! So there they are, Pinky, the oldest member of the group, and Whitey and Brownie- giving each other company when we are away and busy with classes.

Through thick and thin, through ups and downs, through joy and sorrow- Pinky has been with me through it all. She knows my heart inside out, and knows my deepest desires and my darkest fears. She will forever be my faithful companion, giving me strength in her own quiet way- by always being there for me.

27 thoughts on “My Faithful Companion

  1. ALLRIGHT, Miss Honey Bunny – you have recieved greetings from Pinky and Sumithra all the way from southern India!

    MHB: “Oh my, hello to you two,” she shyly said!

  2. It is nice to have a companion who is always there for us, never gets upset with us, never criticizes us, never tells on us, never….never…
    You are lucky to have Pinky 🙂

  3. What a most beautiful little companion..! Pinky is gorgeous. Her ‘smile’ is so very cute, and her eyes do certainly ‘engage’ as you wrote.
    It is not easy to capture these traits in ‘images’; therefore, she must be beautiful ‘in the flesh’, so to speak..! 🙂

  4. Love it! My little bear, a gift from a friend when I went off to university, has been with me ever since! He has traveled the world and I think, like Pinky, he will be with me always!

  5. I can certainly understand your attachment, Sumithra. Our youngest daughter, who is now an adult, still has the teddy bear we gave her when she was very young. It’s been someone who stood by her thru thick and thin. 🙂

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