Agony of a Bookaholic!!

You know what the most cruel thing in this world is? Making a person study for, and write an exam when there is a new book, waiting to be opened and devoured. And if this book happens to be the one that you have been eagerly waiting for, I can only say that it is pure agony. The book, lying in all its glory on the table, tempts and pulls you towards it, in not so subtle a manner. You try resisting it with all your might, but fail miserably. You end up pacifying yourself by reading one page at a time, as a reward for every page you finish in your subject text, and finally, screw up your exam, and also lose the joy and pleasure of reading the book.


I would say that the best way to prevent this situation from arising would be to ask someone to hide the book from you until the exams get over. So this way, you get to do your exams well, and you also enjoy reading the book, cause then you will be doing so without any guilty conscience pricking your mind. But also make sure that you keep your ears pricked and every time you hear a whiff about the book, put your fingers in your ears and sing at the top of your voice!!

23 thoughts on “Agony of a Bookaholic!!

  1. I completely agree! It should actually be made illegal for this situation to arise or at least it should count as acceptable circumstances to allow you extra time to write the essay AFTER you’ve finished reading the book!

  2. “new book laying in all its glory” – I like that, imagining it.

    Good luck with your exams 🙂

    • Well, there have been a lot of such instances as the Indian education system is filled with tests and exams. Back in my 10th grade, it was the final part of Harry Potter that came out during my mid-semester exams. My dad did the favour of hiding the book from me! And now, next month, during my semester finals, Dan Brown’s Inferno will be coming out. Its gonna result in agony too!! 😦

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