Off Again!

“The land of high passes”, placed bang on the Himalayas- Ladhakh and its scenic wonders. I have been looking forward to this trip for the past few months, and finally, I’m off today!

Known for its alternate dry and green landscapes, and of course, its passes, glaciers and snow capped mountains, it is said to be a piece of heaven on earth. Driving on the highest motor able road in the world- the Khardhungla pass, camping beside the highest fresh water lake in the world-Tso Pangong, the Magnetic hill and the various monasteries, are some of the highlights of this trip. But the thing that I am really looking forward to in this trip, is the snow- that frozen form of water that I have wanted to touch and feel all my life.

Being allergic to cold, I have packed all the jackets and sweaters I own, and a lot of other stuff too, to cover various parts of my body. I will be off-grid for the next ten days, and to cap it all, I have my university course registration bang in the middle! There has also been a landslide in that area recently, leaving almost 400 people stranded. Well, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed.

It definitely sounds like a great trip, and I hope it turns out to be one too! Adios!

17 thoughts on “Off Again!

  1. waiting for the post on ladakh when you return from that place. Im sure if the trailer sounds so interesting, the movie definitely will be an awesome one. enjoy 😀

  2. An interesting piece sounds like the start of many travel adventures. Recommend the Norwegian author Norborg-Hodge who wrote about Ladakh sixteen odd years ago. She gave a talk to the Scottish Association For Mental Health on the ill effects of Western development on a previously mentally healhy and robust culture with no suicides murders or even depression. Western development destroyed reliance on sustainable local produce and with particular stupidly replaced the Yak for the Jersey Cow although cows cannot perform the multiple functions of Yaks

    Clinbing verticle mountainsides
    Producing material for clothes
    Dung for Fuel
    As well as milk

    Replaced four story mud-built palaces with squalid breeze block hovels
    Replaced dung with Calor gas causing franchise rivalry and the first murder

    The story goes on. The sheer greed and imbicility of Western development agencies had tragic consequences and was in no way progress.

    Norborg-Hodge was working with local people to find a balance when I heard her speak



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