Reading to my heart’s content

What with exams stretching out in front of me for the next two weeks and with friends scurrying about and searching for quite corners to cram things into their brains in the last-minute, I am left to my own books and methods of recreations…

Cruising through Twitter with nothing better to do (I left all the good books at home to avoid getting distracted!!), I chanced upon this beautiful piece by Jeff O’Neal, who is the editor of Book Riot.

I am sure that you will all enjoy reading this, and will nod your heads, with a faint smile dancing on your lips at the end of every line, just like I did…

There’s a lot I love about reading. Here are a few things for which I am especially grateful:

deckled edges

finishing a book just as the train pulls into the station

seeing someone reading a favorite book in public

a good beginning

a better ending

a mysterious, wistful inscription in a used book

re-reading a favorite and still agreeing with the notes you made in the margins

re-reading an old favorite and shaking your head at how naive you were

french flaps

when the coffee is ready and the light is good and the weather drizzly and there’s nothing to do but read

a bustling bookstore in full holiday swing

acknowledgments that are honest, funny, and humble

remembering and using something you learned in English class

forgetting to bring a book for the plane but then seeing something you really want to read in the airport bookstore

seeing something in your daily life that reminds you of something you’ve read

picking up a classic you’ve been avoiding and loving it

realizing that there are no rules about reading and that no one has the answers

seeing a “notes on the typeface” at the end of a book

knowing that no matter how bad the last book you read was, the next one could be your new favorite…

24 thoughts on “Reading to my heart’s content

  1. Hi Sumithra,
    Very interesting list. I find it fascinating that I learned a new word in my own language; one which I was able to correctly guess its meaning through context, but I looked it up in a dictionary to make sure. That word was “DECKLED.” Think of the irony that you, a person who speaks English as a 2nd language, were responsible for me learning a new word in my own language.

  2. Hi Sumithra..! You are an amazing writer, which is rare to find of your generation, keep it up!, I thoroughly enjoy your writing and gets me to think otherwise through your view/s.! Keep it coming….!

  3. Beautiful! Agree with every single line… I don’t know what kind you literature is your favorite, but would like to recommend a book to you – it is one that I read and re-read constantly. It is “Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov, a timeless book in my view. 🙂

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