Exams- My Nemesis

Eyes red, straining as they glance at each word. Your brain whirring as it tries to cram in everything your eyes read. Your heart thudding with each passing minute, as the final hour steadily approaches. Sounds familiar? Yes, I am talking about the night before the exams. This is a phenomenon that is almost a regular one in the lives of all undergraduates, as the semester is liberally sprinkled with quizzes and CATs(Continuous assessment tests). The entire biological pattern of the students undergoes a complete change. Studying after sunset and sleeping after sunrise (or not sleeping at all). And they are here!! For the next one week…

Students walking up and down the corridors, books in hand, reading out loud, and earphones plugged tightly into their ears with the optimistic hope of keeping the din of the other voices out; students studying on the staircases, scribbling diagrams and graphs on the walls. I go to the refectory, hoping to snatch a few moments of freedom from my books, and there too, I find students with their books, drawing and writing, but this time on their plates with their spoons or fingers. And the common rooms, or the so called study rooms. Students, wanting a quiet place to study, come in numbers, leaving their rooms empty and quiet, and the study rooms noisy!!

The library, the hub of the college during exams. Students who had previously avoided the library at all costs, come running to it, in the hope of finding some peace there and of course books (for those who hadn’t even bothered to buy the books). But what with students frantically turning pages and running from one table to another and the attendants shushing the gigglers now and then, the library too becomes a noisy arena.

As I brace myself for the coming week, that is going to be filled with exams, and bid adieu to facebook and all the blogs that I follow, the creases on my forehead ease a little as I realize, that exams are definitely ventures that take a toll on even the bravest of the brave and the nerdiest of the nerds…

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